Accessing Real Floppy Disks

In addition to disk images located on SD cards and the DriveWire server, SDC-DOS will also provide access to real floppy disks if you have a Mult-Pak Interface and a separate floppy controller. When powering-up the system, the switch on the MPI must be set to the slot number containing the CoCo SDC board.  SDC-DOS will examine the hardware plugged into the MPI looking for the highest numbered slot containing a floppy controller.  If found, the floppy controller will be used for any drive number in which Disk Image mode has been turned off.

To turn off Disk Image mode for a particular drive number and thereby utilize the floppy controller, specify OFF as the second argument in the DRIVE command:

Turning off Disk Image mode disables any SD card image or DriveWire image currently mounted under the specified drive number, but does not eject (unload) the image. You can reestablish access to the underlying image by simply turning Disk Image mode back on for that drive: