SDC Explorer

The SDC Explorer (SDCX) is a free file browsing program created by Guillaume Major for the Coco SDC. It is compatible with the Coco 1, 2 and 3 and requires 32K.

It can be downloaded from:  The Color Computer Archive

- display content of the SD card.
- create, rename and delete disk images and folders.
- mount directories for multi-disks programs.
- launch ML and BASIC programs.
- detect and boot OS-9 disks.
- fast disk selection by the first 4 letters. - sorted SDC directory listing.

Command Summary:
SHIFT-C: create disk
SHIFT-K: create directory
SHIFT-N: rename disk or directory
SHIFT-X: delete disk or directroy
SHIFT-M: mount directory (multi-disks programs)
SHIFT-F: refresh directory
SHIFT-S: toggle directory sorting
SHIFT-1: mount/unmount disk in drive 1 (Coco version)
SHIFT-2: mount/unmount disk in drive 2 (Dragon version)

SHIFT-R: read floppy disk to a disk image on the SD card
SHIFT-W: write disk image on the SD card to a floppy disk
SHIFT-D: show floppy drive directory

SHIFT-H: show help

ENTER: launch program or boot disk
BREAK: quit

Navigational keys:
LEFT/RIGHT : Switch between windows
SHIFT-UP/DOWN : Page up/page down
[A-Z][0-9] : Select next file matching up to 4 characters typed quickly (SDC directory only)

Joystick support:
Press the joystick button of your choice (right of left) to enable joystick.
Press the joystick button to change directory, launch a program or boot a disk.
Press and hold the joystick button to navigate quickly through the lists.

Multi-disks programs:
SDCX can mount directories with a disk set to support multi-disks programs.

Press SHIFT-M to mount a directory with a disk set. Files on the first disk
will appear in the right window.

Press SHIFT-F to refresh the directory list after switching disk with the
button on the Coco SDC.

Auto execute SDCX at startup:
To run SDCX automatically at startup you need SDC-DOS 1.3 or later. To download
the latest version of SDC-DOS go to and click on the
"Latest Firmeware" link in the Pages menu on the right. Run the SETUP.BAS program
to update your SDC-DOS version.

Copy the SDCX.DSK file to the root of your SD card and rename it to SDCEXP.DSK.

Create or modify your startup.cfg file at the root of your SD card to mount the
SDCEXP.DSK disk in drive 0 or 1 at startup. To do so, add the line #=SDCEXP.DSK
where # is the drive number. Example:


With this setup you can now use the EXP command to run SDCX.

- creates 35 tracks disks only (no SDF yet)
- can only delete empty directories (Coco SDC limitation)
- limit of 512 files per directory